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Panther House
Extended Care Program
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 Mrs. Kenney, with 3rd Grader, Delaney Mein
We got the same haircut! 
Director:   Mrs. Linda Kenney 
Email address:
Phone:  925.284.9070


Welcome to Panther House!

I look forward to my fourth year at St. Ps. I have been a Panther House staff member since my arrival. I have been the morning teacher for what we now call Panther Cubs, our TK and Kindergarten Program.  I’m sure my upbringing as part of a loving, nurturing Catholic family of six children has strongly influenced my love of children and the sweet chaos that large groups of these little energy-exuders can create.  I have been a science enrichment teacher and art appreciation curriculum-designer and teacher for many years, as well as the 5th grade aid at this school. I have noticed as a visitor and now embrace it as a staff member, there is a warm welcoming essence in this community.  I hope you feel it in Panther House.

Our staff looks forward to guiding your children on their path of growth and discovery.


Panther House Description

Panther House is a fully dedicated on-site facility, which offers care as an extension of the school day. our well-staffed extended care program incorporates both structured activity and playtime for students, inside and outdoors within a safe, nurturing environment. Panther House offers students homework assistance as well as a large selection of enrichment classes.  

Diocesan regulations require school enrollment as a condition of participation in this program. Thus, children actively participating in Panther House programs must also be registered at St. Perpetua School.


Hours of Operation


Mornings: 7:00am -7:55am

After-School: 3:00pm - 6:00pm

Parents may schedule for any part of this time in 30 minute increments. Any part of the morning hour, 7:00-7:55am is considered one full hour.



All TK and Kindergarten children are encouraged to join us for enrichment activities (art, science, cooking), story-time, and outdoor playtime. This time is provided at no extra charge, although should be arranged by calendar or phone call for scheduling purposes.

Late Birds: 8:00am-9:30am

Early Birds:1:30pm–3:00pm

T.K. both 8:00am-9:30am  & 1:30pm–3:00pm sessions 


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